Blackberry OS 10.2 features leaked online

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Leaked screenshots of BlackBery OS 10.2 reveal a number of new features that are coming to the platform including actionable notifications, toast notifications, a revamped Settings menu, a new App manager and Wi-Fi Direct functionality.

The screenshots, posted on CrackBerry Forums, also reveal a native Evernote app, the ability to mute notifications and view them on the lock screen. They were taken on a BlackBerry Q10 running the build of the OS.

This update appears to fix notifications, which are a bit incomplete in BlackBerry 10 as you are not able to know what they’re about till you visit the hub and open them. The new OS build allows users to view alerts as toast notifications that appear on top of the screen and offer a button to perform an action, without going to the respective app. For instance, if you receive a BBM message and are using another app, you’ll be able to reply to it without opening the BBM app and leaving the other app you’re currently using. According to the forum posts, these notifications can be turned off and also enabled to appear on the lockscreen.

The Wi-Fi Direct feature will allow BlackBerry 10 phones to connect with other Wi-Fi direct capable devices without requiring to be connected to a common Wi-Fi network.

The update brings a new Settings menu and App Manager app. It also now allows users to set more than one alarm. A number of users had complained about the issue and looks like BlackBerry has listened to their feedback.The biggest addition was the inclusion of the updated BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps and Plug-in with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in beta which would allow BlackBerry OS (Playbook and BB10) to support newer versions of Android apps.


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