“Budget iPhone”leaked parts fully assembled compared with iPhone 5

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Serial leaksters from Asia, M.I.C Gadget teamed up with Techdy.com to create an awesome gallery and video showcasing all the leaked parts of the long rumored budget model iPhone. As has been seen in the past, the low cost version of Apple’s iconic smartphone features a plastic rear shell with curved edges and a flat back. If you thought the previous images showed what the iPhone might look like in detail, you’ve seen nothing yet. This video and gallery is by far the best quality photography and imagery we’ve seen to date.






Of course, until Apple says so, this device isn’t getting released, regardless of how many leaks we see between now and the end of time. But with more leaks showing up, especially such detailed ones as these showing the internal chassis as well as the rear shell, it is looking more likely. What’s particularly interesting to me is the obvious lack of external buttons. There’s no volume or mute switches, neither is there a lock/power key. Whether that’s because it’s simply not a finished product or because it’s not genuine is yet to be established.


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