Is this Motorola DROID MAXX ?

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An intriguing picture of a new Motorola handset has been tweeted by evleaks, and according to the serial leaker, this is the Motorola DROID MAXX. There is some speculation that it is the extended battery version of the Motorola DROID Ultra (XT-1080) that popped up on Verizon’s website last week, confirming a thin, Kevlar body for the handset. Even more interesting is that a look at the bottom of the phone shows the same design as seen on the back of that mystery Motorola device pictured the other day with the Ferrari logo.

It is possible that we could be close to an official announcement from Motorola. A recent full page ad that the company took out in some of the nation’s most widely circulated papers for the Moto X showed the image of two people that formed the roman numeral “X I” or 11. Some took that to mean that July 11th will be the unveiling date for the Moto X and possibly other Motorola phones as well. We also wonder if the “X” formed in the picture was for the Moto X and the “I” indicated that it is the first generation model in the series. Or perhaps the “X” was representing the X used as the logo for Nexus models and the “I” meant that it will be Motorola’s first such phone.


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