Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5 to grace HTC Butterfly owners

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Butterfly owners, it appears that HTC has a treat for you! Engadget Chinese is reporting that an official Android 4.2.2 for one of the biggest handset yet to come from the Taiwanese company has begun its marathon. Like before, HTC honors tradition by first easing in the new update on its own turf and then slowly spreading the joy around the globe.

A Sense 5 skinned Android, as you probably guessed, is what’s in store for you and it comes in two parts – a small update will prep your device and a second one will actually bring it up to speed. From what we can tell so far, among the new goodness you’ll soon be getting your hands on appears to be Auto Focus/Auto Exposure additions to the camera, HTC’s in-house content aggregation effort – BlinkFeed and Video Highlights, previously only available to HTC One owners.

As for those of you in the US, with an HTC Butterfly in hand – we’re pretty sure it’s coming, we just don’t know when.


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