Apple publishes ’5 Years of the App Store’ page on iTunes

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Earlier this morning, it was discovered that Apple was offering 10 of its most popular apps for free for an unspecified – and presumably limited – time. Apps and games such as Day One, Traktor DJ and Where’s My Water? all free. As suspected then, it’s all part of Apple celebrating the 5th birthday of its famous App Store. To mark the special milestone anniversary, there’s now a special ’5 Years of the App Store’ page in iTunes on iPad, iPhone, iPod and desktop. So quickly visit App Store.

As well as showing off the now free apps and games, Apple has also published a round up of each year’s respective milestones as apps quickly passed the billions of downloads mark. Everything from the most downloaded apps, through number of developers and money made is all recorded in the clickable timeline.

It’s incredible to see how popular the App Store has become since its launch in 2008. With more accounts being opened every day, and new devices around the corner, you can guarantee that it’s nowhere near reached its peak yet.

Interesting thought: Is the App Store Apple’s best ever product/service? I’m starting to think it is. It’s the one thing that keeps me wanting iOS devices year after year over any other platform’s products. What do you think?





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