Patent shows Apple could be working on “touch input device” for iMacs

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Patents often show us features that we only wish would become a reality, and this patent application isn’t much different. The patent, which is titled “Hybrid Inertial and Touch Sensing Input Device” details, well, exactly that, a touch sensing input device that would work with iMacs.

From the patents description:

“The method includes receiving inputs from an inertial sensor and a touch sensor, and dynamically adjusting a velocity estimate of the electronic input device based on weighting or predetermined thresholds of the inputs to maximize a tracking range of the input device.”

This patent was filed back in 2012, and like most other patents, we may not see this for quite a while (if ever, really).When I first read the title of the patent, I almost thought of the Leap Motion controller. The Leap Motion controller is a small device that plugs in to your computer via USB, and allows you to use any object to control the computer using motion and distance sensing technologies. Maybe Apple has something similar up its sleeves.


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