iPhone thief gets caught by forgetting his Samsung Galaxy at scene

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The Washington Post is reporting that a robbery involving the theft of iPhones at a store in Springfield, Illinois was solved after police found – get this – the robber’s Samsung Galaxy phone. Authorities were able to track the account linked to the device of 25 year old Travis Montgomery Snyder after finding it “inside the front door of the store, under broken glass.” The police traced the account linked with the device then, in conjunction with a security camera’s footage of someone matching Snyder’s description, were able to obtain a search warrant for his arrest. The last sentence of the report is my favorite though, being “No word on whether he was seeking an upgrade.”

Something that Apple has done in order to try and combat the high level of iPhone thefts is enact “Activation Lock,” a feature that is chained to a user’s iCloud account through Find My iPhone. When someone tries to restore the device, they are given a prompt that the phone may not be restored unless Activation Lock is disabled. Well, in order for Activation Lock to be disabled, you must sign in to your iCloud and disable it, theoretically “locking” others from making it into a “like-new” phone.

What do you think? Wonder how he could forget his device? Laugh at the irony?


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