MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM For HTC One Lets You Switch Between Sense And Stock Android With One Touch

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Have an HTC One with Sense 5.0 but want the goodness of stock Android as well? The best of both worlds? Well, MoDaCo has a solution for you.

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a ROM that allows the user to easily switch from Sense and Stock Android with the tap of a button. Not only that, the data is maintained between the two UI experiences, so there’s no extra work on your part to keep data up to date with both.


As you’d probably guess–you’ll need to be rooted and all that good stuff to be able to install MoDaCo.SWITCH, but it installs just like any other ROM via a custom recovery.

Basically, the apps and information you have stored in one ROM are available on the other. This is possible because the underlying systems between these two ROMs are so similar. The HTC One GPe ROM features a lot of the Sense frameworks, so despite the visual and feature difference these ROMs are pretty similar.

An app on the handset labeled as “Switch” will bring up the option to choose between the Stock (HTC Sense) ROM and the Google Play edition (AOSP) ROM. Basically tapping either ROM will reboot the phone and allow you to quickly switch.

MoDaCo.Switch can be installed via Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) or ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM), two of the most popular recoveries in the usual way.


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