Google revamps Web version of the Play Store

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Google has revamped the Web version of the Play Store, its content destination through which it offers Apps, Movies, Books and Devices, in addition to Music (not available in the Indian market yet).

The updated Web version of the Play Store sports an interface similar to the one seen in the redesigned Play Store apps for Android, employing the use of cards and white space, which was rolled out in April. This essentially means that the Play Store will feature a consistent user interface, and users will feel at home, no matter which device they use.

Navigating the Play Store is now simpler as content categories including Apps, Movies, Books and Devices, are located at a column on the left hand side, with the user’s Wishlist and the option to redeem gift cards. The home page features recommended content, top lists, new releases, and other listings based on different themes (for example apps of a particular genre, books under Rs. 100). The content listing is also in the form of cards.

Clicking on a card listing takes you to its own page. Gone are the columns and tabs that separated app versions, reviews and change-log/ what’s new. The Install button is right at the top with the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button, device compatibility and the option to recommend it on Google+, followed by the app demo video, and a gallery of big screenshots that can be browsed through a slider on the same page. This is followed by the description of the app, Reviews, What’s new, Additional Information, Similar apps and More from developer, all on the same page.

The Search feature also allows users to filter results across different content categories.The new design offers simple navigation, is faster and is focused on aiding discovery of content.


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