LG files Korean trademark applications for G Watch, G Glass, G Band, G PAD and G Hub

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Korean manufacturer LG has filed a number of trademark applications in Korea with indications that at least two of them are for wearable devices, including a smartwatch. The applications each used the letter “G” in the filings which is supposed to indicate that the device is a high-end model. LG recently announced that it was removing the “Optimus” title from its high-end smartphones and replacing it with the letter “G”.

The application for G Watch was made in the watch and mobile phone category. An application for G Glass was filed in the category that includes glasses and mobile phones, and could be LG’s version of Google Glass. G PAD’s trademark application was filed under the tablets category. Other applications were made for G Hub and G Band.

Back in March, when speculation about Apple’s iWatch started picking up momentum, LG said that it too was working on a smartwatch and a device similar to Google Glass. At the time, there was some thought that LG would use the new Firefox OS for a watch and connected specs. Sources say that LG might introduce the G Watch, G PAD and G Glass as soon as September at the IFA 2013 show in Berlin. The date on the trademark applications is July 8th, 2013.



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