Apple granted “on hold sharing” patent

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Apple was granted a patent today that will allow users to share content while on hold with another contact. The patent, 8,494,123, is for an “on-hold visual menu from a user’s communication device,” meaning that a menu will allow users to share content such as photos, videos, and music with the person that is on hold, creating an easy way to send information during a phone call.

The patent will also allow privacy settings that the users can change to allow only certain users to share information with them, similar to the settings on AirDrop, where you can choose just contacts or everyone.

Below is the description of the patent:

“The device determines that the party has been placed on hold and that the user has enabled sharing of personal content with the party. The device then transmits a visual menu to a communications device of the party via a data network, to allow the party to select a type of personal content to receive from the device while the party is on hold. When the device receives a selection from the party’s device indicating the type of personal content, it transmits a personal information asset to the party’s device according to the type of personal content indicated by the selection. Other embodiments are also described and claimed.”

What do you think about this new patent ?


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