New Sony Xperia Z, ZL and ZR firmware update rolling out

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After Sony rolled out the Android 4.2.2 update for the Xperia Z about a month ago, now a new update for the update has appeared, carrying the firmware number 10.3.1.A.0.244.

The update seems to be simultaneously released also for the Xperia ZL and ZR handsets, and users worldwide are reporting it is hitting their handsets. If you want to manually update, you’d have to hook up to the PC Companion software on your computer, or the Sony Update Service, with detailed instructions in the source link below. Here’s the changelog observed so far:

  • Smoother Boot animation
  • Efficient RAM management, 1784 MB RAM available for usage
  • Home launcher is smoother, no lags here
  • Update Center has got a new UI
  • Album app taking a bit time to load pics ( even from UHS Class 10 card )
  • 3G Signal strength improved
  • Touch response is improved a lot
  • Sleep and Wake is a bit faster now
  • Camera Image quality in dark improved
  • Changes in car mode app
  • High resolution image is captured in normal mode with HDR off. ( Around 2.8 MB )
  • No screen flickering now
  • No unusual battery reading bug till now. Booted twice in between 30-20% battery and having no issues
  • Battery backup has increased, checked 🙂 ( reporting after 24 hours of update )

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