Woman pays $1330 for apples thinking she was buying two iPhones

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At over $650 apiece, these have to be among the most expensive apples ever sold to an individual. Unfortunately for the buyer, she thought she was purchasing something a bit pricier than a ripe red McIntosh – an Apple iPhone.

Yup, it is another scam story involving a mischievous seller, a gullible buyer, and a sleek, shiny Apple product. A 21-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia was interested in purchasing two iPhones so she posted an ad on Gumtree (a Craigslist alternative). Sure enough, she was promptly contacted by another woman who offered to sell her a couple of them iPhones for 1500 aussie dollars (about $1335). The two met at a McDonald’s parking lot where the buyer was handed two sealed boxes, presumably containing one iPhone each, after paying the said amount of cash for them. Yet the woman didn’t open the boxes until she got back home when it was already too late to ask for a refund. All she got were two apples – one in each box.


This isn’t the first time we hear someone getting tricked by a scammer in such fashion. In June of this year, a British man purchased what he thought was an Apple iPad only to find a bunch of potatoes upon opening the packaging. And back in 2011, a 22-year-old woman from South Carolina gave $180 for what turned out to be an iPad-shaped piece of wood with an Apple logo slapped on the back.

So as these stories demonstrate, buying a smartphone or tablet from a non-authorized dealer can be risky, especially if the deal seems too good to be true. Always make sure that you’re really getting what you’re paying for, unless you want your unfortunate story to end up in the news.


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