Next-gen iPhone might be the iPhone 5G, screen and front panel spotted

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Just a couple of days ago we saw what was said to be first images of the next-generation iPhone widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, and today we get to see one more piece of the Apple puzzle. The name of the next-gen iPhone might actually be ‘iPhone 5G’, if we were to believe the signage on a box from China allegedly containing the screen of that upcoming iPhone.

Too many ifs, aren’t there? You should definitely take all this with a grain of salt as with everything Apple, but these leaks do look legit.

The leaked front panel and screen look no different than the current iPhone 5, and that falls in line with earlier whispers of changes occurring mostly under the hood with the new Apple device. For now, that’s all there is to it – a simple front panel that is not hooked up to a chip.

The iPhone rumor mill is churning new material every day, though, and it’s heard on the grapevine that Apple is preparing for a September announcement for both an ‘iPhone 5G’ and a plastic iPhone 5C.

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