Apple opening new R&D center in Taiwan?

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There’s a new rumor making its way around the internet saying that Apple is going to be opening a new R&D (research and development) center in Taiwan soon. VR-Zone, the site responsible for the rumor, claims to have gained access to an internal Apple document outlining the opening of the R&D center that will be responsible for the “next generation of iPhone product development.” Currently, if this rumor is true, Apple is in the recruiting step, meaning it is seeking out engineers that will be working in this Taiwan center.

Apple is said to be keeping this center fairly under wraps, hiring mostly by word of mouth instead of publicly advertising the job openings. AppleInsider makes a good point, saying that this could give some weight to the rumors that Apple has been looking TMSC to produce the next iteration of Apple’s mobile chips that would be set to begin in 2014. This site has provided some accurate information in the past, so this could be very true.

What do you think? Wondering what will go on at this center? Can’t wait for what the next iPhone and future iPhones has to offer..!!!


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