Apple seeking ban on Samsung phones following escape from iPhone 4 ban

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Not but a few days from the presidential veto that prevented an import ban on certain Apple products, including the iPhone 4, Apple has turned around and requested that certain Samsung phones be banned from import. The devices that Apple is seeking to block from US shores are the ones found to violate Apple patents in the $1 billion verdict, as it is being referred to. Samsung devices were found to violate patents that Apple had pertaining to the iPhone’s look and feel, and was found guilty of doing so intentionally.

These two companies will never learn to get along, most likely, as the fight “is more important than money.” Bloomberg quoted a technology-patent lawyer with the Van Dyke Firm in Washington:

Between Apple and Samsung, it’s about who’s going to be the top dog. You want to shut them down. This is the club. You can beat them into submission with a club and maintain your top dog status.

So far we haven’t seen any ban that has had much effect on something important; such as what the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 3G bad would have done had the presidential veto not been issued. Apple and Samsung are likely to be at this for quite a while still, as the $1 billion verdict had some of the case dismissed only to be retired separately. Samsung most likely is afraid of this retrial, as there is a possibility is could end up making it owe more than the original amount. Like Bloomberg said though, it’s not about the money.


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