iPad 5 front panel leaked, bezels not quite as thin as expected

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Australian Apple repair company, Macfixit, has just posted a bunch of images of the next iPad’s front panel and is offering the parts up for sale for the princely sum of $199.99 AUS.

As we’ve been hearing ever since first 5th generation iPad rumors started up, the digitizer points to a design with slimmer bezels similar to the iPad mini. It is worth noting though, that compared to the iPad mini’s frame, these bezels do seem to be a a lot thicker than the iPad mini’s. Granted, it’s a larger display, but they seem thicker than they should be if it really was going for the mini look.


To better illustrate my point, I put two parts together. iPad 5 display frame side-by-side with the iPad mini, but both the same size.


If both iPads were the same height, the iPad 5′s bezels would be almost twice as thick as the iPad mini’s. There are plenty of reasons why this might be, and – knowing Apple – it’s probably got everything to do with having the right about of space for your thumbs. Even knowing there’s technology built in to detect accidental touches, consumers will still prefer not to touch the screen unless it’s on purpose.



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