Google working on fix for recent Play Store bug affecting app updates

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The latest update to the Google Play Store app may have brought a number of new features, but apparently, it also introduced a not-so-minor glitch affecting app updates. Because of this bug, users receive an error message when downloading or updating specific applications. We experienced it too several days ago. 
The bad news is that there’s nothing that can be done at this time to resolve this issue. The good news, however, is that Google has acknowledged the glitch and it is working on a solution. Here’s an official statement posted on the company’s support page:
 [#10230007] “Package File Invalid” error when downloading or updating apps
We’ve received reports that some users are getting “Package File Invalid” while trying to download or update apps.

We’re currently investigating a permanent solution, and there are no workarounds at this time.

We’ll continue to update this page with developments, so check back soon.

Issue first reported on: August 7, 2013

Last updated on: August 13, 2013

So sit back tight, guys! The issue is to be resolved, hopefully in the near future. In the meantime, let us know if you’ve found a workaround for the glitch.

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