Samsung’s latest design patent could be showing us the Galaxy Note III

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If you’ve been trailing Samsung’s Galaxy Note III in the weeks leading to today, you’ve probably seen first hand the noticeable increase in snippets of information becoming available. With just weeks left until the highly anticipated unveiling on September 4 in Berlin, less and less remains unknown to us – we’ve got a respectful chunk of the puzzle figured out. And while specs arguably make half the decision for would-be Galaxy Note III buyers, a certain galling omission can hardly go unnoticed – we simply don’t know how the phablet will end up looking like.

Of course, a number of alleged prototype devices and renders have leaked out, but those are hardly helpful since Samsung has been known to use dummy externals to cover up the exact look of upcoming devices. This may have very well changed today, for Samsung has just been awarded a suspiciously looking design patent, to say the least. The patent application has been filed on June 20, 2012, and although it may very well turn out that this is not the Samsung Galaxy Note III after all, a heads up, at the very least, is in order.

Regulars among you may remember that just two weeks ago, Samsung got awarded another two design patents, one of which a definite departure from the current Galaxy design language. While that one was highly interesting, it is the one we just got our hands on that seems like as good a Note III candidate as we can imagine – it appears to feature S Pen support and Samsung’s proprietary Flip Cover. Of course, this remains in the sphere of pure speculations, but on a scale of one to ten – how likely do you think it is that this is the real deal? Check out the images below and let us know.

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