Sony Xperia SP gets update, but not to Android 4.2.2

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The Sony Xperia SP has received a firmware update to build version 12.0.A.2.245. And this update is available regardless if your Xperia SP features HSPA+ or LTE connectivity (models C5302 and C5303 respectively). We’d love to tell you that this update is bringing Android 4.2.2 with it, but alas, we can’t. After downloading and installing the update, your Sony Xperia SP will still be running Android 4.1.2. And while you might be feeling sorry for yourself, think about all of those poor Android owners rocking a phone running Android 4.0.4.

So what exactly is the new firmware update bringing? How about a transparent menu/notifications bar, another row of settings in the notification panel and some small apps. To grab the update, you can sync your handset with your PC and use the Sony PC Companion to download the new build. If you’ve updated the aluminum clad mid-ranger and want to talk about it, leave us a comment in the box below!




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