Apple may release iOS 7 gold master to partners September 5th

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We’re less than one month from the expected announcement of the iPhone 5S which will bring with it the official release of Apple’s new iOS 7. Apple has kept on a pretty strict schedule with the iOS 7 beta releases, with a new version coming every two weeks. iOS 7 beta 5 came last week, and iOS 7 beta 6 is expected next week, and the new word is that beta 6 will be the last one before the software goes gold master (GM).

A new report says that iOS beta 6 will be released next week as planned, but that will be the last beta. BGR is saying that Apple is planning to release the iOS 7 GM to partners on September 5th, five days before the expected announcement of the iPhone 5S. Partners and Apple employees will get the iOS 7 GM and have just five days to test it before the announcement.

Assuming everything looks good and there are no major problems, Apple will then release iOS 7 GM to developers on September 10th after the event. Still no word on when the new iPhone and iOS 7 will be released to users though.


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