New Samsung SM-Z9005 Tizen phone to be powered by Snapdragon and run a 720p screen

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If research is to be trusted, while smartphones have finally overtaken feature phones in sales volume, the world, as a whole, still has a long way to go until we reach a state where smartphones are the norm. With that in mind, it certainly makes sense that contenders go right ahead and attempt to disrupt the nearly cemented duopoly of Android and iOS. One such contender has been Tizen, and the team behind it is not without some serious back up. And though things were seemingly hanging in the balance for a while, it appears that the project is taking off at full speed.

How can we tell? Well, today has marked the appearance of a second mystery Tizen smartphone, and this time around we have more than a mostly uninformative model number. We know this, because the UAProf (User Agent Profile) of a device with a model number SM-Z9005 running a resolution of 720×1280 has appeared on Samsung’s site. Rustling through the strings of code, our attention is immediately drawn to the fact that the SM-Z9005 is powered by a Krait CPU, an exclusive to Snapdragon SoCs. Gritting our teeth at the impossibility to identify which exact Qualcomm chipset this Tizen device will make use of, we at least know that it will have support for 4G LTE.

In case you’re wondering, the first few Tizen-powered devices are expected to hit the market no earlier than October or November this year. Said otherwise, depending on how anxious you’re to see the project brought to fruition, this could be considered both far into the future and vice-versa.




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