Samsung to officially launch Tizen at its developer conference in October

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When word first surfaced that Samsung had planned to hold its own developer’s conference at the end of October, the reasonable expectation was that it would be a springboard for launching Tizen. We certainly weren’t expecting the developer’s conference to focus on TouchWiz and how to best develop apps for smart appliances.

A new report from Tizen Indonesia seems to not only confirm that Tizen will be officially launched at the Samsung Developer’s Conference, but there will be a pretty big focus on the new platform during the event. There are apparently a number of sessions throughout the conference that will be dedicated to helping developers and partners understand Tizen and Samsung’s vision for it. There may also be the launch of the first Tizen handset.

And really, that’s the part that we all want to see. Whether or not Tizen can actually be a rival to Android is somewhat irrelevant right now, because the more pressing question is how hard Samsung plans to push to make the platform into a rival to Android. There is always talk that Samsung is planning to split from Google and this conference could be the opening salvo.

The Samsung Developer’s Conference is planned for October 26-27 in San Francisco, California.


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