Mystery Samsung device pops up in India

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A mystery Samsung Mobile device sporting a model number of SM-W2014 has been imported into India for R&D reasons. This is according to a web site that tracks imports into the country. There really is not much information about this device except that it is valued for importing purposes, at 13,987 Rupees ($214 USD). Two units were shipped into India. 

The device was received into the country on August 14th along with a number of other devices including the SM-N9005 better known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch was included in that shipment to India. At the time, it too was being transported for some R&D (no, not R&R).  

The most recent device on the import list is a 5 inch, single SIM Samsung handset with the model number SM-G9105. The site notes that it is in India for “Research and Evaluation” and is not for retail sale. The value of the device is listed as 32,510 Rupees ($498 USD) and four of them were shipped to India. 



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