Windows Phone 8.1image found on a microSD card

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Just the other day, we showed you screenshots and video of the GDR3 update coming from Microsoft, and the “Bittersweet shimmer” update coming from Nokia. And all of that information came from a Nokia Lumia 920 purchased on Craig’s List! Now, an image of a Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8.1 has popped up.

According to the report that was published with the photo, the image was found on a microSD card and appears to show a notifications center and a unified messaging inbox for Skype and messenger. Considering that the image was found on a random microSD Card, there is no chain of evidence to prove anything.

What is going on here? Major updates found on Craig’s List and a microSD card showing the next build of Windows Phone? If we didn’t know better, the timing of these discoveries, just days before Apple unveils its new iPhone line, might also seem suspicious. What’s next, a screenshot of Instagram for Windows Phone found in a box of Lucky Charms?


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