HTC One Max branding outed by tweet

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HTC has yet to introduce the HTC One Max, but a tweet sent Friday from serial leaker evleaks revealed the actual branding of the phablet. When the device does finally launch, the latest rumors have it coming with a fingerprint scanner. Last month, the Taiwan based manufacturer’s CMO Ben Ho, said to expect the phablet to be released in the fourth quarter. In the tweet, evleaks pointed out how the word “max” is in subscript rather than the larger sized font you would expect to see from HTC to emphasize the humungous size of the phone.

The HTC One Max will be facing some rather tough competition once it is launched. Among the devices expected to challenge the HTC phablet are the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The latter has the largest screen of any current handset at 6.4 inches. Another challenge will undoubtedly come from the first Windows Phone flavored phablet, the 6 inch Nokia Lumia 1520 which is rumored to be unveiled on September 26th and launched in November.

HTC has found a design that has received positive marks from both critics and consumers. It has already been used for a mini version of the HTC One and will seemingly be used for the phablet. Despite the success of the HTC One, the manufacturer is hardly out of the woods after poor numbers for August continue to weigh down the company. At the moment, CEO Peter Chou is not in trouble, but if the HTC One Max fails to deliver, HTC could be looking for a new Chief Executive.


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