Apple begins offering “last compatible version” of apps to users running legacy versions of iOS

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While Apple is all set to begin offering iOS 7, its next generation mobile operating system, to the public starting Wednesday, September 18, it looks like the company has decided not to deprive users of devices stuck on older OS versions of their favourite apps.

As per a new Reddit discussion thread, users of old iOS versions are now receiving prompts offering them older versions of apps that have been updated to support only newer versions of iOS.


Some users running an older version of iOS are reporting that when they tried to download an app that has been updated to support only new iOS versions, they received a prompt saying, “Download an older version of this app? – The current version requires iOS x.x or later, but you can download the last compatible version.”

Apple has not confirmed anything, officially, and it’s not clear if the feature is being rolled out gradually or is available only for select apps. Until recently, Apple did not allow users to download and install older version of apps if the newest version of the same apps required a new build of iOS to run.

If the feature continues after the release of iOS 7, it could allow users of devices like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, first-generation iPads, and all iPod touch devices prior to the fifth-generation one to install older versions of apps that are updated to be iOS 7 only.

It’s not clear at this stage if the change has been communicated to developers and how it will affect reviews and ratings for their apps, since new ratings and reviews can usually be added only for the most recent version of the app.


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