$4400 for an iPhone 5s? Yes, if you want it in gold, platinum or rose gold

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London-based GoldenGenie is a company so obsessed with luxury materials that it’ll embellish pretty much anything you can think of in either gold, platinum or rose gold. Some of you may remember its latest conquest that we reported: the HTC One. Tacky or not, at the time (and even now) we’ve got to admit that the One looks stunning, especially in rose gold. Of course, once we saw the price tag on that thing, we were as equally stunned – it ranged from $2900 for the ‘cheapest’ model with gold, and went right up to $3200 for the platinum HTC One.


But, the HTC One, as much as likeable and stylish as it is, is slowly fading from relevancy, for its all about the iPhone 5s right now. Sure, that one hasn’t really changed much in comparison with its predecessor, but there’s no denying that it’s currently the popular kid on the block. Which is probably why GoldenGenie went farther than usual in its treatment of the iPhone 5s and now offers the phone in 5 different styles, all of which (but one) customizable with your preferred material (gold/platinum/rose gold). As hinted in the title, pricing goes all the way up to about $4400 for the priciest model.




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