HTC One Max in a face-to-face with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in new snaps

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New snaps of the HTC One Max have been spotted on the web, hailing, unsurprisingly, from the resourceful China. Seeing as the phablet is slated for a launch sometime in Q4 2013, it’s not at all surprising to see that the new snaps are pitting the One Max against what will most probably be the device to beat – the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Unfortunately for HTC, the One Max is starting off with a loss in one particular category when compared to the Note 3 – dimensions. Granted, those aren’t a first priority for a phablet, given their sheer size, but we’re nevertheless obliged to point out that stylish looks of the One Max have their price, and in this case you can clearly see that Samsung has made a much better use of what’s available, keeping the bulk to a minimum… anyway.

One thing is for sure when it comes to HTC’s first shot at the growing phablet market – the company shouldn’t count on it being a surprise. Whatsoever. Details of the 6-inch monster phablet have been happily leaking all over the internet for the past month or so, with some of them proving to be pretty specific and on target. It is because of such snippets of information that we know that the One Max, for example, will come with a dedicated fingerprint scanner, possibly one of the first devices to do so after the iPhone 5s. We also know that the device will keep the HTC One’s design cues pretty much entirely.



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