Leaked document reveals issues with the Apple iPhone 5s that Apple will fix for free

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According to a published report on Friday, Apple expects that there will be some issues with the full-featured Apple iPhone 5s that the manufacturer will repair for free. The Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c both launched earlier today. Apple did not offer a pre-order period for the iPhone 5s and that, combined with low inventories of the model, has led to the phone being sold out at a few Apple Stores.

The document says that with the iPhone 5s, Apple will cover removing debris that gets under the glass, problems with the pixels, a bent casing for the device where there is no broken glass or obvious point of impact, and a single hairline crack on the front glass or the back inlay. Not covered by Apple is damage caused by liquids that is confirmed by the user, internal corrosion, chips and fractures on the glass, puncture holes and missing buttons. And don’t think about plugging the audio jack with gum for sport. Any damage to the audio jack that is the result of a foreign object placed in the hole will not be covered by the warranty.

There is one interesting difference between the Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5c warranty, and it revolves around the different material used on both. As we said above, under certain conditions a bent casing on the iPhone 5s is covered. But with the polycarbonate plastic shell on the iPhone 5c, such a problem will not be fixed for free by Apple. Of course, not treating your phone like a football and keeping a sharp eye out for potential water hazards could sharply reduce problems you might have with your new iPhone.


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