LG and Samsung now confirmed to announce curved display smartphones as early as next week

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While there are certainly those that look at the futuristic proposition that flexible displays have going for them rather skeptically, us at PhoneArena are kind of excited. Nerdy at heart, the idea of flexible displays speaks to our inner geek in a way that most ‘new’ tech simply doesn’t. The idea has kept reminding us of what excitement born from true advancements in technology really felt like, and we’re definitely not talking about the admittedly essential, but trivial bi-yearly evolution in hardware.


If you are equally enthused about the value proposition of flexible displays, then you’ve probably been hearing all about how South Korean LG and Samsung are both working real hard to bring this new tech to the masses. As it turns out – when there’s smoke, there’s also fire, indeed, for both LG and Samsung have now confirmed that they’ll be coming out with their respective flexible display offerings.


Starting off with the former, LG has leaked some details about its upcoming LG Z smartphone to ZDNet Korea. The LG Z will feature a curved display, the likes of which we’ve only seen in TV’s so far. According to the new information, LG is already in the mass-production stage and will have the Z ready for announcement by the end of the month. Nothing else has been explicitly confirmed, though it is assumed that the rest of the hardware on the LG Z will be similarly bleeding edge.


Turning to Samsung, the company’s Galaxy Note 3 has long been rumored to have a special, limited version that will feature some of the company’s YOUM flexible display tech. The latter part has been confirmed by a Samsung official last week, and again in a meeting with reporters earlier today. Unfortunately, there’s currently no word on whether we’re still talking Note 3 or not, though it seems like the most reasonable choice. The best part? Samsung says it may be announcing the device as early as next week.


Now, before you start tearing strands of hair from your head out of pure joy, do keep in mind that neither of the two will offer a truly flexible smartphone. That’s because while the screen is, indeed, flexible, the rest of the components are not. Nevertheless, while this is certainly something to look forward to far into the future, the current applications are still quite exciting. For starters, flexible displays are extremely sturdy, meaning that accidental drops need no longer spell disaster for you and your smartphone. What’s even more, due to their thinness, flexible displays may very well hail a new era when a minimum of two days of battery life on a single charge becomes the industry standard, as manufacturers will have more space to fit larger cells, without inflating thickness and, generally, ruining design. Oh, yes, don’t even get us started on the design possibilities!


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