The high-res iPad mini 2 faced with production delays, Apple mulling cheaper 8 GB version

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Supply chain sources have revealed for Reuters that Retina Display iPad mini 2 might be facing production constraints at launch, since the high pixel density panel makers will be struggling with the yields.

LG, Samsung and Sharp have lined up to produce the high-res screen, but Apple is placing very stringent power consumption requirements on the panel, which has delayed the certification process, and Cupertino is just now getting around the production line, while the announcement date is fast approaching.

We are also expecting more compact dimensions, faster chipset and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor with the second iPad mini edition, so there will be plenty of demand for it, if Apple indeed ships it with a high resolution panel, rivaling the new Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle HDX.

Analysts are thus predicting that Apple might wait for the iPad mini 2 launch until early next year, or ship limited quantities now. Supply chain probes have also revealed that Apple is pushing for reduced production costs, and even considering an 8 GB version, so that the mini iPad pricing can start off closer to Google’s and Amazon’s subsidized tablets.


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