Apple seeds iOS 7.0.3 to employees and partners as more bugs are found

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Earlier Wednesday, we told you that Apple would be sending out a software update to fix some problems that iMessage users were having getting their messages sent out in a timely fashion. Some messages were being received hours late, in a batch with other tardy posts. The buzz on the street is that iOS 7.0.3 has been seeded to employees and partners for final testing. We’re not sure what the changelist will read for the update, but we would expect it to fix the iMessage problem and possibly some other glitches that one of our loyal readers has discovered.

One problem involves the word iCloud showing up randomly on the screen of an Apple iPhone 5 running iOS 7. The second glitch involved the status bar on top of the screen disappearing. A quick reset of the phone solved the problem. Anyone else getting these weird glitches on their iPhone?

We expect iOS 7.0.3 to be pushed out next week. The build number is 11B491. As soon as we hear more about it, we will pass the news on to you.


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