Google Watch allegedly getting ready for the limelight

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The rumored Google Watch is real and getting ready for an official unveiling soon and its fair share of the limelight. We’ve heard about a ‘Nexus watch’ before from Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, and now Seth Weintraub chimes in with his own sources that add even more fuel to the fire.

The alleged Google Watch is going through final optimizations and will allegedly be centered around Google Now functionality. Interestingly, a lot of the functionality of Glass could also arrive in the supposed Google Watch. You can just push a button to get the Watch ready to answer your dictated question. All of this should happen via a smartphone – the watch would tether to it, and we have no clarity whether or not it would also have stand-alone functionality.

Other Google Now features that might be brought to the watch include cards that automatically pop up on the Watch when you need them and where you need them. Cards like Time to get home, Calendar alarms, emails, text messages and others could get pushed to the watch.

The real deal maker or breaker however seems to be battery life. Google is rumored to be putting the extra effort for longer battery life. The Google Watch will allegedly use the Bluetooth 4.0 with Ultra Low Energy standard to communicate with your phone.

Now, Weintraub also confirms what we heard a few days ago about the Google Watch:

“Google will announce a Nexus watch, codenamed Gem, likely together with the KitKat announcement. The date I have, which, once again, is about a month old, is also October 31st.”

Finally, it seems that the phone is indeed coming sooner than later.


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