LG ‘G Flex’ curved display smartphone leaked in press renders

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After announcing that it has started production of curved smartphone displays, LG’s rumoured ‘G Flex’ curved display smartphone has now surfaced online in the form of press renders. Alleged press renders of LG’s new ‘G Flex’ phone have appeared on Engadget, which informs that the phone would sport a 6-inch curved display. Interestingly, LG had also announced that the curved display would be a 6-inch one.

Judging by the purported press images of the phone, the LG ‘G Flex’ smartphone, it looks like the display would be curved from top to bottom (vertically) and would not feature any hardware buttons on the front and on the side edges, with just an LG logo appearing at the bottom of the screen.

The LG ‘G Flex’ press renders match the sketch that previously appeared, except that the renders don’t feature an earpiece. It’s also possible that LG has put the Power and Volume rocker keys behind the phone, below the camera lens, similar to the positioning of the keys in the LG G2, the company’s latest flagship.

The new report also reiterates that the rumoured ‘G Flex’ would be launched sometime in November, though the pricing, hardware specifications and availability details are not known at this point in time.

Samsung has already launched the world’s first smartphone with a curved display, the Galaxy Round. It’s a variant of its Galaxy Note smartphone but curves side to side (horizontally). The phone sports a 5.7-inch full-HD display and is powered by a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. However, the phone would be available only in South Korea and no decision has been made about releasing it in other markets.

Curved displays are an early stage in screen evolution which is shifting to bendable or foldable designs, eventually allowing mobile and wearable gadgets to take on new forms that could radically change the high-end smartphone market.


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