Leaked image confirms Apple iPad 5 will feature Touch ID fingerprint sensor

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The Apple iPad 5, the new 9.7” tablet by Apple, is expected to get officially announced in just a week, but a leaked image reveals one of its key new features right now. The iPad 5 will indeed get the Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology we first saw in the iPhone 5s, according to a leaked image of the assembled tablet showing up in China.

The iPad 5 is expected to adopt the looks of the iPad mini with a less curvy back and a narrower side bezel making the device more compact.

It only makes sense for Apple to leverage its fingerprint technology in iPads, and it was logical to assume that both the new 9.7” iPad and iPad mini would get it. We still don’t have any factual evidence about the iPad mini, though.

Touch ID is built right in the home key and thoroughly scans your finger. After getting that fingerprint, you then simple touch (without pressing) the home key to unlock the device. It would recognize fingerprints even if your thumb presses against the key at an angle.

Here is the image of the iPad 5 with Touch ID and you can also take a look at our article exploring the possible uses of a fingerprint scanner.



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