Google smartwatch to launch soon: Report

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Google’s rumoured smartwatch will soon be a reality, if a new report is to be believed.

The Mountain View based Internet giant is currently in talks with Asian suppliers to start mass production of its new smartwatch, which is in the late stages of development, according to the Wall Street Journal. It adds that the device could be ready for mass production within months. The report elaborates that Google’s new wearable smart device, will run Android and feature Google Now integration, citing a person familiar with the development. Google Now is Google’s voice driven personal assistant and search tool that comes with Android powered phone and tablets (Android 4.1 onwards). It added that Google was working on optimising power consumption so that users don’t need to recharge the device frequently.

The report goes on to say that Google’s smartwatch would be able to communicate with devices such as a smartphone, and feature the ability to scan and pull information like travel schedules from users’ email through Google Now. It won’t be surprising if Google integrates its voice driven smart technology in its smartwatch as its smart eyewear, Google Glass and even Motorola’s latest Moto X smartphone feature active voice commands and personal assistant.

A few days back, it was reported that Google was giving finishing touches to its rumoured smartwatch, named Gem and that it will come with Google Now integration.

It had also mentioned that some notifications that usually appear on the phone would show up on the connected Google Gem smartwatch, including calendar alarms, email, and SMS among others.

Earlier this month, a report claimed that Google could announce the Gem smartwatch together with Android 4.4 KitKat, at an event where it’s also expected to launch the successor of the Nexus 4 smartphone. However, the report clarified that the expected date was leaked about a month back so there could be some changes in the Google’s plans.

Device makers like Samsung and Sony have already launched their new smartwatches globally, the Galaxy Gear and Smartwatch 2, respectively.


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