HTC ‘M8’ phablet leaked in images and specifications

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You might recall that before the HTC One received its real name, it had a code name, the M7. Now, pictures allegedly showing the back cover of its successor, the M8, have leaked. This could well be HTC’s 2014 flagship phone. Interestingly, there is a mysterious new addition to the design – a round hole right above the camera. We don’t know what it is for. A fingerprint scanner is one possibility, but it would be a very awkward place for it as it seems to be out of reach.

The speculation calls for the M8 to be equipped with a 5 inch to 5.2 inch screen with 2K resolution, and be powered by a Quacomm Snapdragon 800 processor. 3GB of RAM is rumored to be on board and the phone will carry Sense 6.

Expected to be released sometime in 2014, we can see that look on your face that says that you can’t wait until the M8 is given its real name (HTC One Two?) and is ready to be shipped right to your house. HTC is hoping to continue the success it had with the HTC One this year. While the manufacturer is still struggling (the company recently reported its first quarterly operating loss ever and comScan shows that it lost 1.4 percentage points of market share in the U.S. during the Q3), the fault did not lie with the top-shelf model. It was the mid-tier devices that did in HTC this year.

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