Meet Smarty Ring, a ‘smartwatch’ for your finger

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Cashing in on the trend of wearable computing devices, a small startup is trying to raise funding to mass produce the Smarty Ring.

Similar to a smartwatch, except with a much smaller display, the Bluetooth-enabled ring allows users to check smartphone alerts, and manage incoming and outgoing calls via its touch LED display. It works with Android and iOS devices, provided they have Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. 

Other features of the Smarty Ring wearable include chat, email and social media updates, apart from a multiple-time zone watch, stopwatch and countdown timer and phone finder functions. It even has a proximity reminder function, alerting users in case they leave their paired smartphone behind, and walk more than 30 feet away.  

The Smarty Ring can apparently initiate outgoing calls to preset numbers, trigger the smartphone’s camera, control music with dedicated playback buttons, and even change user profile.

Settings of the Smarty Ring can be configured via mobile app, such as the ring’s profile, LED brightness, beeper volume, and speed dial presets, apart from adjusting clock and time zones. 

According to the company, the surgical stainless steel and allergy-free Smarty Ring is 13mm wide and 4mm thick, and comes in different ring sizes, from size 5 to size 15. Apart from promising a 24-hour battery life, it also has wireless charging compatibility, and ships with a wireless charger. 

The first Smarty Rings are promised to be delivered in April 2014, though this may not happen if the company doesn’t receive sufficient funding – it looks on track though, thanks to extended coverage by media outlets, having received $33,938 out of its $40,000 funding goal, with 48 hours to go, as seen on its Indiegogo page at the time of writing this article.


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