Google Nexus 5 reportedly gets a redesign to fix hardware flaws

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According to reports, Google and LG have redesigned the Nexus 5’s hardware after some users complaining of issues with the design of the smartphone.

An XDA Developer forum member, named Shinral, says some Nexus 5 users have reportedly sent their devices back to the company with certain issues that included noisy buttons, a protruding SIM tray and “cutting-edge” display frame.

Shinral claims that the new batch of Nexus 5 smartphones returned to users feature a reworked design, without any of the defects/ issues reported. The new batch of Nexus 5 is said to come with more flushed buttons to avoid noise and fixed protruding SIM tray. Notably, the new batch of Nexus 5 smartphone comes with some other minor tweaks in design as well, including a larger speaker grill. The XDA developer forum member has also posted comparison images of the alleged new Nexus 5 with the first generation smartphone. The images were reportedly taken and sent by a user named infa89 to an Italian forum with the comparisons.


As of now, there is no word from Google or LG on the reworked Nexus 5 smartphones, and any plans for changing the first batch of Nexus 5 with the new ones.

Google is known for fixing issues with its Nexus devices as quickly as possible; remember in August when some Nexus 7 (2013) users reported experiencing multi-touch issues with their tablets, Google rolled out a firmware update within a week.

As per the reports, the Nexus 7 (2013) display was showing erratic touch detection on the screen when one tried to use more than one finger. The issue was observed while typing on the on-screen keyboard, as the device often detected the wrong keys. However, Google released an update that came with multi-touch bug fixes.


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