Nokia Lumia 920 jailbroken by Chinese hack team

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Chinese security company Sinestd has published a video and description detailing what could be the first sight of a jailbroken Lumia 920 handset. According to the publication, the alleged jailbreak is developed by the Chinese hacker team “poandsoul”. The hackers won’t be making the method public yet, as to “prevent rampant piracy”. Indeed, an easy option to install apps outside the marketplace can seduce a lot of users over to the “dark side”.

According to the team, jailbreaks for different WP8 devices will be announced in “subsequent messages”, but no other details are available at this time. The hackers make it clear that their goals are a Cydia-like open app store to emerge for Windows Phone, and “putting piracy to a resolute end”. Although we like their intentions, we are still scratching our heads in regard to how “poandsoul” are going to stop piracy by blowing the platform wide open and facilitating an unofficial app marketplace. Still, the team acknowledges that a jailbreak is “a double-edged sword”, and hopes that a person who truly loves Windows Phone is not going to install cracked applications. Sadly, it’s going to take more than just hope to save Microsoft’s island from the pirate ships.

The video itself shows a Lumia 920 with three-column Live tiles, which so far have been exclusive to WP-devices with 1080p displays – the Lumia 1520, and the unannounced Lumia 929. Interestingly, this option was part of the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 beta for all WP8 handsets, until it got removed in a later build. As this piece of functionality probably can’t be restored without some tinkering with the code in the final WP8 GDR3, it’s safe to assume that the video and jailbreak are genuine.


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