Microsoft Surface 2 LTE, Surface 3 details purportedly revealed on Twitter

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Some details about the anticipated Microsoft Surface 3 tablet have seemingly been revealed in a series of tweets.

The tweets were written by someone who seems to have sources in Microsoft, a user called MSFTNerd. The tweets indicate that the Surface 3 tablet might be available by the end of this year, and might be powered by the newly introduced chipset by Nvidia Tegra K1.

The Tegra K1 chipset, which was announced at CES 2014, includes a desktop-class Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA cores (GPU cores).

Additionally, it has also been revealed that Microsoft might be working on a Surface Mini tablet to compete against the plethora of popular 7-inch and 8-inch Android-powered tablets and iOS slates. The source, MSFTNerd clarifies that mini-tablets and LTE versions of Surface 2 will be introduced in 2014, referring to the plans of Microsoft.

It has been further noted that the first update to Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS, Threshold (LINK), will introduce InstantGo support for both the upcoming BayTrail+ and other power chips for mobile devices. This also indicates that the devices will be in always-on mode without draining much battery in both working and standby mode. Another tweet by MSFTNerd also suggests the introduction of AMD Mullins and Intel Broadwell SoCs paired with 4GB of RAM.

The tweets also mention that Microsoft plans to release its Surface Notebook is currently on hold and the firm is planning to use AMD’s Mullins CPU, ruling out its own custom-designed chip, for its upcoming Xbox TV.

Here are the key purported revelations by MSFTNerd, paraphrased in a nutshell:

-Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chipset to power Microsoft’s Surface 3 tablet.

-The firm might be working on Surface Mini and LTE versions of Surface 2.

-InstantGo support to arrive with Windows 8.1 OS’ first update for Intel’s BayTrail+ chips.

-AMD’s Mullins CPU to be used in Xbox TV instead of Microsoft’s own designed chip.

-Company’s plans for Microsoft Notebook is currently on hold.


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