Report: Apple iWatch smartwatch hits production-related problems

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Apple iWatch will compete with Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear upon its release.

Apple is said to have hit some production-related glitches regarding the launch of its much anticipated but not-yet-announced iWatch wearable computing device. According to the report, the problems are related to the smartwatch’s screen technology, battery and some manufacturing snags.

The Next Web, citing The Information’s report, claims that the Cupertino firm has also halted the supply of some “unknown pieces” of the iWatch with one manufacturer last year. Additionally, it has been noted that Apple tests different manufacturers from time to time and none of the above mentioned problems indicate that there has been any delay in the result.

Reports also mention that the firm already has a team currently working on the device, which is rumoured to run on a slimmer, or lighter variant of iOS, as the original OS would be too heavy for such a small device.

Apple also filed a patent for its iWatch smartwatch last year in June in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and Columbia. The Apple iWatch is said to offer features such as the ability to make phone calls, identify incoming callers and check map routes. A pedometer is also rumoured to be included in the wristgear for counting steps and tracking health-related data of the user.

Apple’s iWatch will compete with Sony and Samsung’s smartwatches in the segment, the Sony SmartWatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear. Microsoft and Google are also speculated to be working on their own smartwatch devices, which would run on Windows Phone 8 and Android OS respectively.

Since the iWatch prototypes are supposedly already being tested within the company, one can expect the device to be showcased at an Apple event this year, in September or October.


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