Secure Android powered Blackphone coming to MWC next month

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Powered by a secure version of Android called PrivatOS, the unlocked Blackphone runs over any GSM network and offers you more privacy, control and security than your average Android handset. According to co-founder Mike Janke, Blackphone is a high-end smartphone. But specs weren’t the focus of the team that created the device. “The number one priority in creating Blackphone,” says co-founder Phil Zimmermann, “is to uphold the objectives of privacy.”

A worldwide team helped put together the phone, which will no doubt have some appeal to those who are constantly concerned about who is listening in to their calls, viewing their texts or other personal communications. Blackphone says that it gives users the tools to make secure phone calls, send and receive secure text, have secure video chats and privately browse the internet. Using a virtual private network, you move through the internet anonymously.

Blackphone will start taking pre-orders at MWC next month in Barcelona, where it will be on display. Pricing has yet to be revealed. For those of you out there afraid to use your smartphone since the NSA scandal broke, this could be the solution that you’ve been looking for.


One thought on “Secure Android powered Blackphone coming to MWC next month

    Android Vimal said:
    January 21, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Really a nice stuff. actually such type of things are happening in other Operating system also. such stuff also available on All Android Answers

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