HTC M8 rumored to ‘look strikingly like’ the HTC One

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The upcoming HTC M8 will look ‘strikingly like’ its predecessor, the HTC One, according to the web’s most prominent leakster @evleaks. The rumored information claims that the similarity is so striking that HTC could easily name the upcoming flagship the ‘HTC One S’, if the company hadn’t already used that name.

What does ‘strikingly’ similar mean? Chances are, the HTC M8 will allegedly inherit the excellent, sturdy unibody construction of the HTC One with its dual front speaker setup. Those two key features were universally praised, and the overall HTC One design has won it multiple awards. 

With all this in mind, keeping the HTC One visuals in the M8 is probably a good decision for HTC, despite the fact that some people might have wanted to see something slightly improved.

Most recently, we’ve heard whispers that the HTC M8 will launch in late March at an event in New York City. 
It is said to come with a slightly larger-size 1080 x 1920-pixel display, more powerful silicon, and – most interestingly – a dual camera setup on its back suggesting new photographic experiences.



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