Further proof on a waterproof Galaxy S5 Active and an S5 Zoom cameraphone appears

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We heard that a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom might be on the way, temporarily dubbed S5 Zoom, and now a Samsung mobile camera has appeared on Zauba, the import database, indicating a successor to Samsung’s camera with phone functions could indeed be in the cards.

Listed as “Samsung Mobile Camera for R&D purpose”, the gadget is pegged at an import cost of around $523 equivalent, which is right in the ballpark of what the original S4 Zoom did cost at launch. As per the specs, no word yet, but we’d wager to guess the phone part will be upgraded compared to last year’s original.
In the meantime, a further proof appeared that Samsung will play the same variations game it ran last year with the Galaxy S4. There was a waterproof, toughened version of the flagship, called S4 Active, and Korean media reports that an S5 Active is in the works, too, so all bases will be covered again. The publication says that Samsung is gunning for 20-30% of the total S5 sales to be of the S5 Active variation this year, unlike the last one, where the chunky watertight S4 Active grabbed only 4% of the flagship sales.
Samsung just announced there will be a new Unpacked event at MWC on February 24th, and the “5” in the description is a not-so-subtle hint that the S5 might debut there, so all be revealed in just three weeks time.

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