iPhone 6 to feature 10-megapixel camera and swappable lenses: Report

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Apple’s upcoming device, iPhone 6, is now said to come with a better camera feature than what has been rumoured before by others.

The Apple iPhone 6 is being said to sport a camera featuring more than 10-megapixel sensor paired with a wide f/1.8 aperture and swappable resin lenses. The news come from a post by JD, an electronics online retailer, which claims to have taken the tip from a Taiwanese supply chain of Apple.

The interchangeable or swappable lenses, which the firm has already been granted a patent for, is said to be manufactured by JSR, a Japanese firm. The interchangeable lenses are also said to house a transparent resin.

JSR’s resin invention is said to be branded as ARTON, which the firm states, is a “superior in optical characteristics, dimension stability, and is a transparent resin (cyclic olefin resin) of a high heat resistance.”

Apple iPhone 6 is also said to feature a solar panel touch sensor as per some patents. It has been mentioned that Apple filed a patent back in February 2013 which included the use of touch sensors and solar panel. The patent however, did not describe how the technology works in detail. A follow-up patent made it clearer, mentioning that the touch screen panel included a power management system that takes power from solar panels.

The firm’s opening for the post of Thin Films Engineer with solar experience further confirmed the news followed by Apple’s new manufacturing unit opened in Arizona in partnership with mineral crystal specialist GT Advanced Technologies Inc.


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