HTC Desire 8 mid-range smartphone confirmed by company’s Sina Weibo account

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HTC Desire 8, the mid-range smartphone which was leaked last week, has just been confirmed by the Taiwanese company on its Sina Weibo account.

The post from Weibo showcases a Desire 8 screenshot, and clearly indicates the lack of extravagant marketing budget. The second image, however, shows the Sense UI highlighting the date and time – 10am, 24 February, the commencing date for the Mobile World Congress event scheduled to take place in Barcelona.

The mid-range dual-SIM HTC Desire 8, from the previous leak, is expected to feature a 5.5-inch display with an unspecified pixel resolution and will reportedly be the first HTC device to be released after the HTC Desire 700.

It has been also reported that the alleged HTC Desire 8 will include a 13-megapixel rear camera, ditching the UltraPixel technology first seen with HTC One. The handset is also expected to include a high 5-megapixel front shooter with a ‘beautification’ mode, which so far has not been described in detail.

The HTC Desire 8’s design is said to share the feature which has now become a signature in top-end HTC handsets – stereo front-facing speakers. The Desire 8 will reportedly also feature on-screen buttons instead of capacitive touch.

The firm’s product manager recently confirmed that HTC is “actively exploring” the possibility of Android 4.4 KitKat for the HTC One X.

HTC further announced that it will support all future flagship devices with major updates for two years after their release.

“Today we are making a commitment to support all new North America flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date,” HTC’s team added.


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