Apple iWatch to feature flexible AMOLED display, arrive in second half of 2014: Report

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Apple’s much awaited and the first-ever wearable device, the iWatch, is expected hit to shelves in the second-half of 2014, with mass-production of the smartwatch beginning in the same time frame.

The iWatch is also said to feature a flexible AMOLED display paired with a 3D protective glass. The flexible AMOLED is said to fit in well with the hands of the users.

The firm, according to the reports from China Times (via Digitimes), will be also installing silver nano wire touch screen technology, which will be developed by TPK, a touch screen solution firm. Additionally it has been noted that TPK has entered into a deal with Japan-based Nissha Printing to develop the nano wire technology, the production of which will be commenced with two million units as the initial monthly capacity in April 2014, according to Tom Sun, TPK president.

The recent rumour mills for Apple’s much-anticipated iWatch wearable device suggest the firm has atotal of 200 people working behind the curtain on the project. It has been also mentioned that the smartwatch will be ‘simpler’ than what has been rumoured for the past few months. However, the term ‘simpler’ is yet to be supported by details.

The anticipated iWatch from Apple is said to be focussed towards the user’s health and fitness.

The Cupertino firm is reportedly planning to introduce an application codenamed “Healthbook” in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile and tablet operating system this year.

According to a report, Healthbook will enable the users to monitor and store fitness data by counting the steps taken, calories burned and miles walked. The supposedly pre-installed app will also manage and track the user’s weight loss.


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